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To Win and To Win Big !

Sep 3/Cricket Himalaya

Siddhartha Barnawal

The following excerpts is taken from Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography

Siddhartha Barnawal

“…Before 2003 world cup begun, majority of my team members suggested me to play at number 3. After the second practice game, John Wright, our head coach, came to my room and asked me if I was really happy batting in the number 3 position. I assured him that I would bat anywhere the team wanted me to. John, however insisted that I should voice my personal opinion as a player, so I said that, if it were up to me, i would prefer to open. I went on to say that I felt I could control the game from that position. I thought my best oppurtunity to set up the match for India was as an Opener.”

Opening the inning as a batsman for any team is the crucial position, which we always lacked in terms of rate if also not in term of runs. I would still say, if we were to put some fighting total, then openers should throttle the opposition bowling from the beginning, which would ultimately set up the momentum for the whole team. In that case, even if some middle order batsman get out early, it wouldn’t create much of the damage for the final score.

So as Tendulkar said, dependable and technically correct batsman should take the initiative to open, and no matter what, should attack from the front which might take away the wicket but would break the back of the opponents from the beginning.

UAE, on the other hand after their embarrassing defeat against Hongkong, made almost sure that Nepal dont reach finals even if they loose their last one match, by showing up the great boost in the net run rate while defeating Malaysia.
So its a do-or-die situation, if we have to win, we have to win big, and forget about the rest. Because, we also need UAE to loose, and that is never under our control. UAE also will try to win with big margin, so our margin of win against hongkong should be much more bigger, as we already are far behind in net run rate.

To set up such tempo, much of the responsibilities again comes back to the openers, similar like what sachin-sehwag combo showed us for more than one decade.

Best of luck Team Nepal. We have to win and to win big.