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Head to Head; Nepal vs Singapore !

Sanjay Gautam writer/cricket Enthusiast

After first win against host Malaysia, tomorrow Nepal will take on Singapore in the fourth round of tournament at UKM Cricket oval, kuala Bangi.

Singapore’s performance is significantly poor in this tournament as they have completely outplayed in all three matches which they have played so far.

While taking the field tomorrow, Nepal will look to register the big win against Singapore to improve the equation of run rate to be alive in the hunt of top two spot of point table.

Final will be played between top two of the tournament after the conclusion of group stage while ultimate winner will go through main draw of Asia cup.

Nepal and Singapore has met 5 times in 50 overs one day, where Nepal had out played Singapore every time.

As fourth round’s result will drastically change the scenario of point table, Paras and Co definitely eyeing to notch the biggest win against slightly weaker team of tournament.

Here we present you Head to Head results between Nepal and Singapore

1 ACC Trophy Elite ( 50 overs match )
July 28 , 2008
Singapore- 155/9 in 50 overs
Nepal – 156/4 in 40.5 overs
Nepal won the match by 6 wickets

2 ICC world cricket league division 5 (50 overs match)
February 21,2010
Nepal – 180/9 in 50 overs
Singapore- 164/10 in 47.5 overs
Nepal won the match by 16 runs

3 ACC Trophy Elite (50 overs match )
April 3 ,2010
Singapore- 216/10 in 50 overs
Nepal- 217/3 in 43.2 overs
Nepal won the match by 7 wickets

4 ICC World Cricket league Division 4 ( 50 overs match)
September 3 ,2012
Singapore – 111/10 in 39.5 overs
Nepal- 112/5 in 24.5 overs
Nepal won the match by 5 wickets

5 ICC World Cricket league Division 3 (50 overs match)
October 26,2014
Nepal – 263/9 in 50 overs
Singapore- 73/10 in 21.4 overs
Nepal won the match by 190 runs