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Aug 19, 2018

Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd, is a leading ‘A’ class commercial bank registered in 1994 as a public company limited by shares, is a joint venture bank with IFIC Bank Ltd, Bangladesh.

As a successful economic institution, we realize our responsibility isn’t just limited in the financial sector but transcends to all facets of the society, wherever we can help. As a result, we involve ourselves in various activities and projects where we can connect with people and help give back to the society and nation.

Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd always steps forward to recognize and appreciate those individuals who have made extraordinary contribution for the nation and have helped unite its people.

As a continuation of our efforts, today we are honored to announce two individuals, who have always made the nation proud through their never-dying spirit and relentless pursuit: Basant Regmi and Sharad Vesawkar as the brand ambassadors of NB Bank.

These two national sports figures have helped Nepal reach great heights in the global cricket scenario and we are privileged that they have chosen our bank to associate with.

Basant Regmi, Nepal’s highest wicket taker, and the go-to man for Nepali Cricket Team in crisis, has been serving the nation with the bat and ball for over a decade.

Sharad Vesawakar, known as Mr. Finisher in Nepali Cricket, has ensured our team a win in the direst of situations, keeping calm and composed in extremely difficult times.

These two cricket legends of Nepal teach us to be sincere in what we do and always realize one’s responsibility towards the nation, much like what we preach here at Nepal Bangladesh Bank. We are honored to have these heroes as our official brand ambassadors, the contract of which is valid for two years from today.

The enrolment of Basant Regmi and Sharad Vesawkar as ambassadors of NB Bank is an initiative of TVS EPL, as a part of TVS EPL’s CSR Project to help bridge the gap between sports and corporate sector.

” Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd is delighted to have two senior members of the Nepali Cricket Team who have always given their best efforts in making our nation proud: Basant and Sharad, as our brand ambassadors. Through this partnership, we hope to be able to pinpoint what we, as a financial institution, can do for the development of Nepali sports. This is only the beginning and together, I’m certain that we will be able to make a meaningful contribution in Nepali Cricket. I’d also like to thank TVS EPL and Aamir Akhtar for this initiative to bring corporate and sportspersons together and for helping us make this partnership happen.”

Gyanendra Prasad Dhungana,
Chief Executive Officer, Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd

“It’s great to be partnering with a bank of such big stature and reputation. The few meetings that I’ve had with the bank management were very exciting and I’d like to heartily thank them for their love and support towards Nepali cricket. I look forward to working with them.” –

Basant Regmi, Nepal National Team

” As a cricketer you are always looking for avenues where you can work with the corporate sector and help drive positive change. Together with NB Bank, I believe we can instigate actual projects that impact the society in a progressive way. We won’t just be limited to poster boys but will actually work together in figuring out where and how we can contribute back to Nepali sports. I am very excited.”

Sharad Vesawakar, Nepal National Team