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– Deepesh Khatri, Nepal National Cricket Player 

Cricket before 7 years was as it was 17 years back ! In the name of matches, there is  selection games for u-19 and seniors and in between sometimes for ladies ! First it was JAI TROPHY which was the main tournament in NEPAL, 16 DISTRICT would participate in that, two would get relegated and two would come in after playing knock out wth the new districts to play JAi Trophy ! Neither CAN has done anything good for cricket base and neither has sports council !

After arrival of ARMY-POLICE-APF the regional team has struggled because they get together just before the tournament where as those three clubs of nepal are already loaded with the best to outplay every regional team. It seems like regional are just their to participate ! If regional players are not payed by their very own region then why should a player play cricket ?

Not every good player can get into Army-Police and APF team, Cricket is not only for those 42 players to earn ! There are many who have given their whole earning life to cricket be it coach or player ! 

If there is base for U-12,U-14,U-16,U-17,U-19,U-21,U-22 from Schools, Colleges and University levels then only cricket would be a hit all over the country ! What sports council is doing is just using the budget once a year to show that they have conducted one tournament a year ! There is no proper people or planning in the current scenario ! T20 is only for entertainment, it has nothing to do with development ! May be corporates can think a bit broader and wider by investing in club teams all over NEPAL !

CPAN is just for players who are getting selected and are ready products.They have nothing to do with cricket outside the capital, I don’t think they have sent any coaches or senior players to set a base in other 74 districts ! I haven’t heard any of the CPAN related people going on and setting base all over NEPAL, May be CPAN is just for the ready made products not for the ones who are searching for future in the game

No proper scenario to look after them after playing years, That may be the only reason some senior players are happy playing t20’s and earning in the sunshine which is happening in the name of EPL/DPL and some other ones !